" Heart is where my boat is "

Have you ever walked on a beach without seeing any plastic garbage ? Yes ? Then you are a lucky one ! As you may know, the plastic problem is getting bigger as we use it more and more for everything. The thing is, it doesn't matter how big or small the plastic is, it harms every living organism, including you. That's why we decided to act !


rje Møster, a Norwegian captain took a year to navigate on the Sheba Queen ( 64ft sailing boat) along the coast of Norway. His goal ? To gather people and clean up this plastic mess. For that, he recruited his crew on several websites such as HelpX or Workaway. The result ? An international volunteering crew (French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Israeli, Norwegian), who feels responsible and who wants to take part in this project.

The mission began on the 24th of April until Troms , stopping in several places and will be finished in September 2017, back to Bergen.
This project is more than only cleaning beaches, it is also about raising awareness, give inspiration to others, meeting and sharing. It is about trying to encourage people to follow this movement, to be active in their own scale. We also find time for spearfishing, finding interesting food, climbing mountains, join the norvegian culturlife etc. So this is a experience for lifetime!

- - - THE SAILING PLAN - - -

22. april Bergen - 29. april Florø - 6. may Ålesund - 13. may Kristiansund - 20. may Trondheim - 27. may Namsos - 3.june Brønnøysund - 10. june Bodø - 24. juni Leknes (Lofoten) - 1. july Svolvær - 15. july Tromsø - 22. july Senja - 29. july Bodø - 5. august Sandnessjøen - 12. august Rørvik - 19. august Molde - 26. august Florø - 1. september Bergen


The Sheba Queen is a sailing boat built in 1989 in France. Few numbers : it is 64ft long (20m), 5,2m wide, 24m high, 3 m deep and weighs 33 tons. It can accomodate up to nine people and has four cabins, a pantry, a livingroom and machine room. TV, radio and Wifi are also set up. The boat mainly sailed in the Caribbean sea and in Norway, and Børje Møster got it in October 2016, becoming the third owner of the Sheba Queen.